Sunday, January 17, 2010


Well, it has been a while, but I'm back. Back home from a long stint working out of state, and finally back to my blog. Let's see how long I keep up with it this time...

It's mid-January here and to my surprise the tulips are peaking out. Despite one round of temperatures in the 20's in early December, it has been a mild winter here in the Pacific Northwest. So as the rain and dull overcast days continue to reign over this part of the country, I am encouraged to look onward to sunnier, brighter days!

As for motivation and making it through this gloomy season, I am not without a list of great things to do inside. Today I am finding solace in recycling some bones from last night's roasted chicken into a delicious stock, and also continuing my low-budget project of creating a small scale in-home photo studio which I intend to use to chronicle some of my future kitchen adventures.

So after a trip to the hardware store for some supplies, my make-shift studio light diffuser was ready to go. Here are the first few shots taken tonight.

Look forward to more updates and images as I try to hone my skills.