Saturday, May 15, 2010

Taco Box in Bucerias

So, back from vacation and finally getting around to going through some pictures and assigning them to the corresponding memory. Where do I begin..? I figured the above picture was as good a place as any to start.
  • The pic: Taco Box in Bucerias, Nayarit, MX; located on Calle Morelos, west of Lazaro Cardenas.
  • The memory: Our first night arriving to Bucerias, looking for a place to eat.

We had perused the menus at all the usual suspects who, by the looks of it, appeared to be catering mostly to folks north of the border, offering the continental-style surf & turf that we can easily find any day of the week back home. While they were all decent, repectable joints probably offering a good food within its class, this is not why we went to Mexico . No, we went for something different, a true experience. And, well, we got it on our first day!

What can I say about Taco Box..? For us it was a beacon in the night, literally. We had been strolling up and down Lazaro Cardenas, noticing lots of shops and restaurants were closed on the south side of town. We had decided to go into downtown, north of the residential area where we were staying when we noticed a food stand illuminated by a bright light. We figured, OK, our first night in Mexico, but hey, no better time to test the ol' gut (which I must say never really got tested in Mexico!). So we walked down the block to check out the offerings, and began taking in the sweet, smoky smell of pork searing on an upright rotisserie.

As we approached, Dany, the proprietor of Taco Box greeted us and asked us "how many?". We pulled up a chairs to a small plastic table positioned on the side of the street, made our order of 4 tacos each and a soda, and we were set. The tacos, besides being affordable by any standard, were amazing. Simple, perfectly flavored Al Pastor Pork on piping hot corn tortillas topped with a bit of, onion, chopped cilantro, and grilled pineapple. As we ate, we chatted with Dany about his Mexico City style meat seasonings, and watched as he prepared a rather large to-go order which his brother bagged up and set off afoot to deliver around the corner, confirming that it was not only us enjoying these tasty treats that night!

So, if you're in Bucerias and craving tacos one night on the south side of town, make sure to check out Taco Box.


Randal Wark said...

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Never tried that Taco place, but we love Rim Tacos (across from the Twisted Rose). It's actually Tacos del Rin...but since they cook on a tire rim...the locals call it rim tacos.