Thursday, February 3, 2011


“…a house of cards that has to be constantly held together…we have to be told every single day what the story is. And they have to do it every day because it is unnatural. If it was natural, they wouldn’t have to do it, and if they stop they know that it in fact would fall apart. That actually is the great hope for me…the amount of time they have to spend convincing us about the value to society is in fact what gives me hope that there is an alternative…just below the surface. And that alternative is much more human, much more compassionate, is much more connected to concern for other people, it’s much more connected to concern for the planet, and it’s being held down by this incredible and relentless propaganda system.”

Excerpt from Metanoia's film PSYWAR

Watch full 1 hr 39 min video here PsyWar (YouTube)